Beauty Salon Customer Service Tips

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The level of customer service at a beauty salon can make or break future business. Clients who experience superior customer service from you and your staff will likely be repeat customers, and may recommend your services to other people.

On the other hand, recollections of poor customer service can be passed along just as quickly and adversely impact the amount of new business you receive. In an age where business reviews and ratings are frequently posted online for millions of people to see, superior customer service is essential to attracting and retaining clientele.

Understand Your Client's Needs

The key to administering excellent customer service starts with understanding your client. It is important not to engage in any business transaction with assumptions about what your client may or may not want. Before you offer your services, talk with your client about her needs and any expectations she has from your service. Ask questions to get a full understanding of what your client is looking for, so you both are on the same page regarding outcomes and expectations. Address any concerns or questions your client may have, and establish an agreement about what services will be performed and how they will be rendered.

Be Honest With Your Client

If your client has a need or a request from your services that simply cannot be met, let him know right away. Do not make promises of outcomes that you cannot deliver in an effort to please the client. It is important not to mislead your client with hype about what your services can deliver, especially if the services do not live up to the hype.

Make Customer Service Universal Among Staff

Customer service does not start and end with you. For you to have a satisfied client, it is important that she feel like she was treated well by all members of your staff. All employees, whether they will have a direct impact on the care of the client or not, should take care to treat the client well at all times. Employees who are directly involved in the services being rendered for your client should also be thoroughly informed of the client's needs and expectations and follow through on them.

Keep It Pleasant

Friendliness is key to customer service. Make your client feel welcomed and respected at all times. Following other customer service tips will not do much good if they are delivered in a manner that is curt or unfriendly. Often, people will recall receiving what they needed from a service, but complain about the unpleasant and negative attitude of the staff, leading them to search elsewhere for a new service provider. Your client should feel comfortable enough in your space to want to return to your business in the future.