Sandbox Games That Support LAN

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Local area networks (LANs) of computers allow players to connect and play games together. Although many multiplayer games have dedicated servers that bring together gamers from across the world, LAN games require that players be on the same network, meaning they are usually in the same room. Playing LAN games allows friends to play games together, making them much more personal than other networked games.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Released in 2008, "Grand Theft Auto IV" allows players to explore an open world together. Using LAN, players can connect and play several types of games across "Grand Theft Auto IV's" Liberty City. These games include cops and robbers, racing and death-match. The game also includes a freeplay mode where players are free to roam the city, create their own games and play by their own rules.

Civilisation V

Released in 2010, "Civilization V" is the latest iteration of Sid Meier's long-running series. Since the game sports many strategies, along with various winning conditions, players are free to pursue their personal sty of play. The game tasks players with leading a civilisation to success, through cultural, scientific, military or diplomatic victory. Using LAN, players can compete with their friends to build a mighty militaristic empire or cultured utopia.


Released in 2007, "Warhawk" is a military combat game, recreating battles with up to 32 players. Using LAN, players can join together and battle across several maps. Different modes include capture the flag, death-match and free-for-all. Other modes are collection, which tasks players with collecting several items across the map, and hero, which challenges players to protect a single member of their team. Other features include several vehicle types, such as tanks, jeeps and the titular warhawks, highly agile fighter planes.

Red Dead Redemption

Released in 2010, "Red Dead Redemption" sports an open world environment that closely emulates the wild west of the early 1900s. Using LAN, players can join together and explore the world with their friends. Players can engage in cooperative missions or compete against each other in death-matches and capture the flag battles. Of course, players are free to roam on their own, create their own games and play by their own rules.

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