Sea Glow Alternatives

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Sea Glow is a soap used for cleaning boat hulls and other marine plastics and rubber, restoring the sheen to paint that has been dulled by minerals in the water. It also is designed to prevent ageing by blocking colour fade and oxidation.

The chemicals in Sea Glow create a barrier on the surface of the material that creates water beading. The soap is produced by Hawaii-based Island Girl, which produces a line of cleaning products for marine and automotive applications. There are, however, other similar products on the market.

Eco Wash Marine Detergent

Eco Wash is an eco-friendly marine detergent designed to be used much in the same way as Sea Glow. It can be used in both fresh and salt water. The formula is pH neutral to ensure that your paint won't fade, nor will you harm the environment with acidic solutions. The soap is biodegradable, too. It works effectively on fibreglass, metal, paint, wood, glass and even canvas. You can apply the soap with a sponge and then rinse, or use it with a scrub brush for heavy dirt or grease.

3M Marine Boat Soap

This soap is created by Minnesota conglomerate 3M specifically for use on boats. It comes in a 473ml bottle of concentrate, which can be diluted to different levels in order to accommodate different uses. It's good for the fibreglass of the hull, and any chrome work, and you can use a further diluted solution for dirty upholstery fabrics or carpet. At a higher concentration, you can use the soap to degrease engines. Its chemical ingredients are not biodegradable, like those in Eco Wash.

Star Brite Super Orange Boat Wash

Super Orange Boat Wash doesn't have as wide an array of applications as the Sea Glow or the 3M boat wash, but it is biodegradable like Eco Wash. It harnesses the power of citric acid to clean dirt, oil, grease and grime off of fibreglass and metal boat hulls. It also comes in a concentrated formula that can be diluted for different applications. Its citrus cleaner is safe for the environment, but it is very acidic so it has the potential to fade some paints after several applications.

Wash Wax All Cleaner

True to its name, this cleaner can clean the outer surfaces of not only boats and RVs, but also most car finishes; it can even be used for aircraft. It not only cleans the surface, but also leaves a protective wax coating after washing. It comes in a spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply, and makes for convenient detailing.