Signs of being overtired

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If you constantly feel exhausted, run down, zapped of energy and overtired to the point that it is negatively affecting your life, you are likely suffering from fatigue. Fatigue is a condition that can arise due to a variety of factors, from nerves and stress to physical exertion and pure lack of sleep. Be aware of the key signs of being overtired other than pure exhaustion.


One indication that a person is suffering from exhaustion is loss of motivation. If you previously were excited to get up for work in the morning and start the day, but now all you want to do is curl up into a ball and sleep for hours, it could be a sign that you are overtired. If things that before seemed exciting to you now seem dull and like a chore, your motivation is decreasing due to your tired situation.


Being overtired can also negatively affect your focus levels at school, work and anywhere else. People that are too tired might find it hard to perform tasks on the job or in school, a result of not being able to concentrate. Apart from loss of concentration, exhaustion can also bring upon memory loss.


Appetite loss is another indication of being overtired . People can get so exhausted and drained of energy that they forget about meals and eating regularly.


When people grow fatigued, it is also common to experience weakness. In some cases, the weakness can feel so strong that it can cause a person to lose consciousness (known as "syncope") temporarily. In this situation, someone must call for immediate medical attention.

Restless Sleep

Overtired people often have a problem sleeping straight through the night. If you wake up in the morning not feeling rested, and perhaps even more tired than you did the night before, you are overtired. Tossing and turning all throughout the night can indicate pure exhaustion.


If you notice out of the blue that you are experiencing abnormal muscle aches throughout your body (with no obvious causes), it could be a signal that your body urgently needs some rest and relaxation.

Personality Changes

Being too tired can also alter your mood. As a result of your exhaustion, you may go through mood swings ranging from elation to irritability.


If you notice that you keep falling asleep no matter where you are (even though you are trying your best not to), you are undergoing short "microsleeps." If your eyes shut for a few seconds and you jolt awake, you literally cannot keep your eyes open because of your tired state.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can also indicate exhaustion. If the aching travels from joint-to-joint and isn't accompanied by either swelling or redness, it can be a sign that you are run down and overtired.


Other telltale signs of excessive tiredness include both slow responses and movements. If you find that you are not as alert mentally or physically as you usually are, fatigue is very likely the case.

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