Labels for Homemade Sewing Projects

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If you are a keen dressmaker, knitter or crafter, adding a label to your project makes an excellent professional finishing touch.

Labels can range from a button-style tag on a soft toy to care instruction labels for garments. Many Internet suppliers will personalise labels to your requirements.

Garment Labels

If you make clothes for other people, even on a non- professional level, add a care label giving washing instructions. If you make items on a larger scale, such as for craft fairs or shops, consider size labels and your own logo label.

Sew-in fabric labels are the most practical option for clothes. You can order them to your requirements from online suppliers.

Personalised Labels

Even if you don't sell your projects commercially, it's still a nice touch to add a personalised label. Simple labels work best and don't detract from your craft work. A plain strip of ribbon printed with "Handmade by xxx" works well, or a button with a logo.

Soft Toy Labels

If you are making soft toys, incorporate a fabric strip label similar to the garment ones. However, these labels are often not suitable for very small children as they canchew them off and swallow them. A safer but more challenging approach is to incorporate the label into the toy itself. Get personalised labels ("Hand Made With Love By xx") printed onto patchwork fabric, and using the fabric to line teddy bear ears.

Hand Made Labels

If you are a diehard crafter, you may prefer to make your labels. With garment labels this is not really an option, as the amount of information required is too great. However, cushions, soft toys and other projects are all suitable for handmade labels.

Hand or machine sew your lettering or logo onto scraps of fabric, then sew them onto your projects. Alternatively, embroider directly onto the item.

Card board baggage tags make great removable labels for items like cushions, and are easy to customise.

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