Pros & cons of labradoodles

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A Labradoodle is a hybrid mix of dog that consists of a Labrador retriever and a poodle. Though a puppy from a Labrador and poodle mix can vary in appearance, the personality and behaviour traits are the same. As with any breed, mix or not, there are pros and cons a future owner should consider before purchase.

Pro and Con: Non-Shedding Coat

Allergies are a common reason people do not get pets. Labradoodles are a mix that is considered allergy-friendly because the coat on a Labradoodle does not shed like a traditional dog. A nonshedding coat means that rather than a dog shedding its coat each year on furniture, carpeting and other surrounding areas, the coat must be stripped out using professional grooming tools. This does not mean that you will not find a few pieces of fur here and there around the house -- every dog sheds no matter their breed. This trait tends to be a pro and con within itself. The Labradoodle's coat does not shed excessively nor smell, but it does require professional grooming each year to strip the coat or it can become severely matted, according to Amber Labradoodles.

Pro and Con: Intuition and Companionship

A Labradoodle can sense the emotions of its owner. This can be a pro for you if you are looking for companionship from your dog. Labradoodles can sense anger, sadness and read your body language to see how you are feeling. As intuitive and emotional dogs, Labradoodles require a lot of human contact and attention. Therefore if you are out of the home often or unable to provide your Labradoodle with attention, your Labradoodle will not reach its full potential.

Pro: Retrieving Instinct

Since a Labradoodle is created from a Labrador retriever, it will have a strong instinct for retrieving. That means your Labradoodle will not only love to play fetch or retrieve items for a disabled owner, but can also be a valued hunting dog.

Con: Not Recognized by AKC

The Labradoodle is not a recognised breed by the American Kennel Club, according to The AKC registers Labradoodles as a miscellaneous category, because it is a crossbreed of two different dogs. If you intend to breed for profit, a Labradoodle will not make a high profit since it is not considered a purebred.

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