Royal blue & purple wedding ideas

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Choosing a colour scheme is one of the first things when planning a wedding as the colours will be incorporated into everything, from the invitations to the flowers to the wedding cake.

Use royal blue and purple in your ceremony via the wedding bouquets as well as your reception through centrepieces, table decor and favours.


Incorporate royal blue and purple flowers into your wedding flower designs such as bouquets featuring dyed blue and purple roses. Combine these flowers with white flowers and baby's breath or leave as is. Find smaller bouquets for your bridesmaid and have some of them feature all-blue and some all-purple flowers. Another idea is to save royal blue for the bridal bouquet and use purple for the bridesmaids only. Use long-stemmed purple flowers for reception centrepieces and pair them with royal blue candles and ribbons.


Cake designs featuring royal blue and purple accents are another method for using these colours in your wedding. Look for tiered cakes with thick purple ribbon around each tier and a purple and royal blue flower centrepiece on top, or use wedding cakes covered in royal blue fondant with purple and white trim. Cakes with edible floral arrangements are another idea, such as a cake trimmed with sugar royal blue and purple orchids and orchid petals.


Use royal blue and purple in your wedding favours, such as royal blue muslin bags featuring large individual sugar cookies with purple frosting and the couple's name and wedding date. Order favours such as photo frames, rose-shaped soaps, fans, compacts, key chains and candles in royal blue and purple colours, or look for chocolate and candy favours with royal blue and purple wrapping. Use candy in these colours as well, such as blue and purple lollipops and hard candy.

Invitations & Other Ideas

Find purple and royal blue for your wedding invitations, such as invitations that are light purple with royal blue lettering or invitations shaped in the form of purple flowers with blue accents. Other ideas for incorporating royal blue and purple into your wedding include using the colours in your table decor, such as purple-tinted glasses with royal blue tablecloths and chairs. Wear a purple and royal blue garter and incorporate blue or purple into your eye make-up design.