Free games for kids ages 3 to 4 years old

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During the preschool years, children are learning numbers, colours, words and patterns. Several television shows utilise their morning line-ups to incorporate mini lessons into animated shows for youngsters. Parents and caretakers have different options for the budding curiosity of their young wards. Many of the same television shows offer free games online targeted at three- to four-year-old children. If television shows aren't your choice, there are non-affiliated websites offering free games.


Counting games at this age level should be simple and use the numbers one to 10 solely. Numbers are re-enforced with numerals and pictures of the total items. When a child sees the number three written as a numeral and three objects like apples, she learns to associate the numeral with the quantity. As she gets older, more complex games will take out the object and ask her to rely on the numeral to solve a problem. Julia's Rainbow Corner offers a game called "Numbers" where children count how many objects are on the screen and choose the numeral that matches the number of objects.

Memory Matches

Memory matches for preschool children use three to four pairs of cards to keep the game simple. Less than three pairs will not present a challenge to most three year old children, and more than four is often too challenging for four-year-old kids. The object of a memory match game is to teach children to rely on memory. She picks one card and looks for the match by selecting a second card. If the cards do not match, she starts over by selecting two more cards. She might not understand the game at first, but as she repeats it she will learn to remember where each card is and locate it in the next round. On the Thomas and Friends website, you choose the level of difficulty in the "Memory Game." The easy mode gives your child six cards to match and the medium mode offers 10 cards to match. Be careful of the difficult mode; there are 18 cards to match.


Most three and four year old children know their shapes but can have fun creating different things using their knowledge. "Curious George's Day at the Beach" encourages youngsters to make different shapes using sand, water and various containers. Once your child makes each shape, she can build a sand castle and decorate it. Each container makes a basic shape like a rectangle, square and cone. The sand shapes are stacked together to make the sand castle, but larger shapes cannot stack on smaller shapes.


Games that ask your child to spot alike and different items promote observation skills. Your child will assess three different pictures and determine which item is not like the other two items. In the three-to-four-year old range, the differences are obvious enough at first that she can easily identify the different picture. As she progresses the puzzles become harder and take more concentration to find the difference among the pictures. Nick Jr.'s "Moose's What's Different Game" starts with three pictures. Find the difference in one picture to move onto the next page. There are a total of five puzzles for each game and as your child progresses the pictures become harder.

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