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How to use the Clow cards for tarot reading

Clow cards are a popular set of fortune telling cards that are used by Sakura in The Japanese animated series Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura realized that she had magic powers by releasing the cards from a magic book by a mistake. She is on a mission to recapture all the cards. Clow cards can be used to tell your fortune as they each have a specific meaning attached of them. The Clow cards are linked to playing cards. Every suit can be matched to a different Clow card. You can use the Clow cards in different spread to determine your fortune. Before a reading can be made, the cards must be shuffled and cut correctly. Readings can be done similar to tarot readings.

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  1. Put your clow cards in a pile on your desk. Make sure the desk is clear so you have room to shuffle them. Next, use your left hand and place it over the cards. Focus calmly on the question. Then use your left hand to shuffle the cards over the table. Gather the cards back together using both hands if you wish. Separate the cards into five different piles using your left hand. Bring the cards back into one pile again putting any pile on top of one another. Now your cards are ready for a reading.

  2. Get the cards and spread them from left to right with your left hand if you want to do a general reading. Use your intuition to pick three cards from the pile. Lay the first card down upside down in a row. Then pick the second card and lay it beside the first card. Pick the third card and lay it beside the second card. Turn each one over. The first card represents the past, the second card represents the present and the third card represents the future of the situation. This is a simple and quick spread to do and gives an accurate answer.

  3. To do a daily reading, spread your cards from left to right using your left hand. Use your intuition to pick one card from the deck. When you have done this, place it upside down under the spread deck. This card represents the underlying energy of the day. The daily reading can also be used in connection with a question in relation to an event during the day. Think of the question you would like answered when doing a card shuffle and let your mind drift over the cards, then pick one that speaks to you.

  4. Tip

    When shuffling and cutting the cards, make sure that you are using your LEFT hand. This is important.


    Always shuffle and cut your cards before any reading. In doing this, you are creating a fresh energy to answer your question.

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Things You'll Need

  • Clow cards

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