Action Replay Cheats for Drone Tactics on Nintendo DS

Drone Tactics is a turn-based strategy game released for the Nintendo DS in 2008. Players take on the role of two young schoolchildren who find an alien beetle and butterfly who ask them for their help in defending their home planet from an invading horde called the Black Swarm.

In order to fight this battle, the aliens give the children control over robots called Drones. Action Replay DSi can allow a player to cheat to gain an advantage.

Free Money

You can use money in Drone Tactics to purchase upgrades and new drones to fight against the Black Swarm. Under normal circumstances, you pick up money by winning battles and engaging in side quests. If you wish to buy equipment out of your price range, simply enter the following code into your Action Replay DSi to have the maximum amount of money you can have deposited into your account: 021E47EC 0098967F.

K-Buto Gains a Level

K-Buto is one of the main characters in Drone Tactics. He's the alien beetle who asks the children for help defending its home planet. He's one of the members of your party, and by entering in the following code, it will give him the maximum amount of experience points, allowing him to gain a level instantly: 121E4834 0000FFFF.

All Drones with Maxed out Stats

As you battle the Dark Swarm, you will gain new Drones, and your old ones will gain experience and become stronger and deadlier. If you do not wish to slowly build your Drone army up over time, enter this code into your Action Replay DSi to be awarded every Drone in the game with maximum statistics:

121E4834 0000FFFF

C0000000 0000000D

DC000000 0000001C

121E4834 0000FFFF

D2000000 00000000

The Game ID

Drone Tactics is something of a niche game without a large distribution. Outside of massive hits like the Pokemon series, the Action Replay's official code site, Code Junkies, does not provide codes for games. This causes most codes to be fan generated, but it also means that sometimes games are not recognised immediately by the Action Replay DSi, in which case you will need to enter the game ID code: AWCE 524748B1