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Warehouse housekeeping checklist

Updated March 23, 2017

A clean and organised warehouse is essential not only to ensure optimal utilisation of space and easy stock access, but also to create a safe place for warehouse employees. Cleaning a warehouse can be a monumental task as there are several areas to handle. If your business has a warehouse facility, then having a professional housekeeping checklist can promote better cleaning and help housekeeping staff ensure that they have done a perfect job each and every time.

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Warehouse Exteriors

Examine roads, pathways to the warehouse and warehouse parking spaces for damage and obstructions, such as snow, ice, fallen trees and debris. Check parking areas and pathways for watery surfaces, which can make them slippery and accident prone. Clean obstructions and inform about damages and need for repairs to the reporting authority. Keep signboards leading to different parts of the warehouse dirt and smear free. Report illegible or missing direction marks on signboards.

Warehouse Floors

Floors should be clear of dirt, water or oil and other obstacles. Water, oil or other items that make floors slippery increase risks of accidents. Sweep the floor, remove clutter obstructing free movement and clean it up with a mop. Use disinfectant liquids to wash floors. Ensure water is completely drained. Clean carpeted floors with vacuum cleaners. Check floors for damages, such as cracks and holes or for nails jutting out. Use closures for openings if any to avoid accidental falls.

Warehouse Entrance, Exits and Walkways

All access ways to and within the warehouse should have clear signboards giving directions. Clear signboards of dirt so that they are legible. Keeping exits clutter free is crucial as these are escape ways for employees during accidents, such as fire. Remove ladders, forgotten stock items or other clutter blocking the exit areas. Pull locks or wire, string or other fastenings if any are on the exit doors, which can make escape difficult.

Work Areas

Keep every item in the warehouse, from a paper to warehouse equipment, and stock items in its designated place. Keep labels indicating designated storage space clean and clear, especially in case of flammable or highly-sensitive stock products. Avoid choking racks or other storage areas with stock; report additional space requirements. Eliminate unwanted stock to clear up space. Wipe dirt off from shelves, counter tops and other work surfaces and use disinfectants. Return ladders to their designated space when tasks are completed and keep them oil free. Clean toilets and disinfect; replenish with tissue papers and soaps. Keep waste collectors at every corner and empty them as they get full. Keep lighting equipment clean to ensure adequate lighting for workers. Clean dust accumulated on ventilators. Maintain emergency equipment, such as extinguishers and danger alarms in working condition.

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