Cardboard Tower Crafts

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Create weekend projects by recycling cardboard and repurposing into tower crafts. Use your imagination to duplicate historical landmarks or lighthouse towers. Online patterns are generally available for free showing cutting lines, folding patterns and painting instructions to create realistic versions. Family and friends, including the kids, can also become involved designing original tower crafts to create playhouse-size castles for a recycled backyard playground.

New York City: Empire State Building

Iconic landmarks throughout New York City can act as inspirational examples while creating cardboard tower crafts. The Empire State Building stands approximately 1454 feet (443.2 meters) and is on most tourist's sightseeing list as well as featured in famous films like Sleepless in Seattle, An Affair to Remember and King Kong. Replicating this landmark with cardboard includes folding patterns to create the building. Refer to a photo as a guide to fold and resize the building peaks at specific intervals. Cut strips in specific lengths to create the desired height. Fold the upper portion in a stair-like format to duplicate the different size extensions. Vertically folding the sides of the strips and gluing in a square-like structure creates the building. Paint the top of the tower in your favourite colours to duplicate the lighting on the Empire State Building.

Paris: Eiffel Tower

The city of Paris, France is filled with historical buildings and monuments including the Eiffel Tower. According to this sightseeing landmark stands 986 feet tall (300.51 meters) and was built for the Paris Exhibition in 1889. Crafters can duplicate the Eiffel Tower by cutting four long strips in your desired length. The length of the strips determines the height of the tower. Each strip has extended legs at the bottom with extension flaps on each side. Refer to a photo of the Eiffel tower as a guide while shaping the cardboard into a narrow point. Glue the flaps onto each other by creasing the strips vertically in half.

Castle Tower

Recycle cardboard boxes from large home appliances and build a castle for backyard fun with the kids. Another economical option is to build the castle for a themed fairy tale birthday party and avoid renting props for the event. Use your imagination to create the castle with a fortress, including a watchtower with arched windows and doors. Paint the castle and use texture-painting techniques to create surfaces such as brick. According to incorporate the "dry brush" technique to create the bricks by dipping the brush into paint and then paint it off onto an old paper plate to brush dry strokes.

Lighthouse Tower Table Display

Multiple horizontal stripe patterns as well as bright colour schemes often adorn lighthouse towers. Recreate these coastline towers by printing out free online folding patterns. suggests saving lightweight cardboard from household items like cereal boxes and using it for rolling into a cone shape. Decorate the central cone and build an adjoining cottage for the lighthouse. Another option is to make a small-scale table display and continue adding surrounding pieces as you hone your tower-making skills.

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