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The best places to buy open tip lingerie

Open tip lingerie is one style of the open-cup bra, also known as the cupless bra, that has become popular on the fashion scene. As tops, dresses and camisoles have become more versatile and daring; bra styles have had to keep up. Now open-cup bras come in a variety of styles, such as the shelf-bra, underwire open-cup, sling bra, demi-cup, drop cup and open tip.

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Why Open Tip?

Wearing an open tip bra is all about seduction and teasing. Giving your lover a glimpse only, so imagination has to work overtime. The open tip bra reveals the nipples only. Matching an open tip bra to the appropriately sexy outfit is the key to good taste and style, because with the open tip bra it is easy to be too revealing.

Speciality Retail Stores

Victoria's Secret ( is the store that comes to most people's mind when asked about elegant lingerie but there are others. Faire Frou Frou (, for example, also has a wide selection, although it does not have the location exposure of Victoria's Secret. Torrid ( is a speciality boutique for plus-sized lingerie with stores across the U.S. By shopping in a speciality lingerie store, women have access to the experience of the staff, are able to shop in an intimate setting, have a wider selection of lingerie, and are able to better order speciality items. In addition to the small speciality intimate apparel stores, some of the larger department stores have lingerie departments that sell open-cup bras --- Nordstrom's (, Saks Fifth Avenue (, and Bloomingdales ( all have speciality items.

Online Stores

While most women would not want to buy a bra without handling it for fabric and feel and trying it on, there are many outlets that sell open tip bras online. Some online stores also have retail outlets. This gives the shopper an advantage --- a purchase can be made online and returned to the retail outlet if the store policy permits. Some online stores are Love Fifi (, La Perla (, Soma Intimates (, and Glimpse (

Adult Stores

There are many adult stores, both nationally and locally that sells open tip lingerie. National chains include The Pleasure Chest (, Babeland (, and Coco De Mer (

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