Fake fire effects for Halloween

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Fake fire effects add that extra touch to a celebration, camp activity, theatrical scene or to any Halloween decor, as they make scenes look more realistic. You can make these from everyday household items, or with just a few additional decorative items. Use fire effects under a witch's cauldron or to light a footway. You can use fake fire in any scene you want, and the best part is that it is much safer than the real thing.

Fan fake fire prop

Cut red, rust, yellow and amber-coloured lightweight fabrics into flame-like shapes. You can draw the flame shape onto the fabric before cutting. Use fabrics like silk or nylon that will blow well in the wind. Tie the fabric pieces to the grill of a high powered fan. Tilt the fan upward and turn it on to make the coloured cloth strips blow in the wind, making the fire effect. Place a red or yellow lamp under the fan for a more effective fire effect.

Fake fire cauldron

Place a large plain twig or corn stalk wreath where you want the witch's cauldron to be. Gather yellow, orange and red tissue paper and place it in the wreath centre. Pull the corners up so the corners look like fire flames. Place a large glass bowl upside down over the tissue paper inside the wreath area. Place a string of lights under the bowl in strategic areas that are not too close to the tissue paper. Turn on the Christmas lights for the fire effect. Place something over the glass bowl to look like the cauldron. This can be a terracotta pot, a black pot or dark bowl.

Fake fire urn

Place a large plastic urn-like container where you want the fire to be -- this can be a planter pot in an urn shape, a plaster urn or a terracotta pot. Sew white nylon fabric together in a windsock-like shape. Make a wire circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the widest part of the windsock. Place the wire circle just inside the windsock and sew a hem around it. This will keep the windsock open. Place an orange and red LED light in the urn. Place a small desktop fan in the urn over the LED lights and place the windsock over the fan. Turn on the fan and the air will make the windsock blow up. The lights will give it the flame effect.

Fake fire dVD

Make a fireplace out of a large refrigerator box. Cut the hole out and paint the bricks on the fireplace. Insert a flat screen TV in the fireplace hole and make a small hole to draw the power cord through. Connect a DVD player to the TV and insert a fake fire DVD. There are several different fire effects on the DVD to choose from. You can find fake fire DVDs at websites like Vat 19 or Ambient Fire (see Resources).

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