Signs of Immaturity in Men

Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

It's nice to meet a man with a carefree spirit and boyish enthusiasm, but sometimes it can go too far. There is a fine line between innocent exuberance and immaturity in men. Fortunately, there are indicators that will tell you whether your man is simply laid back or just really immature.

Messy Lifestyle

A sure sign of immaturity is a messy home. If a man can't take the time to keep his house clean, chances are he is immature in other ways. Dirty laundry, food containers and multiple papers strewn about a living space are not something you should see in any responsible man's home. There are a few exceptions, though. If you know your man has been very busy, it is understandable that his house might be in disarray. If the mess is a constant presence, though, it is a good sign that he is not responsible enough to run a tight ship.

His Previous Relationships

Ask your man about his previous relationships when you feel comfortable about it. Ask him specific questions like how he met his previous partners and how the relationship ended. Avoid questions that will trap him such as, "Was she prettier than me?" This gentle questioning isn't an inquisition. The answers he gives can tell you a little about how mature he is when things don't work out. If he is spiteful and vindictive when he speaks about his ex-girlfriends, it is a good sign he is immature.

His Temper

An immature man will have trouble controlling his temper when things don't go according to his plan. If you see him throwing mild temper tantrums because of little inconveniences, it's a red flag. Excessive jealousy is also a sign of an immature man. Be cautious around men with a short fuse, though. A foul temper can put you in harm's way, so break it off with a guy if you think his temper is going to cause serious problems.

His Hobbies

A responsible man should have responsible hobbies. If your man's idea of having fun is going out to bars and coming home buzzed, there is a problem. Other immature hobbies include petty acts of vandalism, roughhousing with friends and making malicious jokes about people he knows. This kind of behaviour is what you would expect from a young man still in high school, but in the adult world, responsible men should mind their manners and conduct themselves with class.