Easy Costume Ideas for Fairy Tales

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Creating fairy tale costumes makes a memorable ensemble for your event. Recognisable characters take little fuss or materials using a famous element that states the identity of the character. Certain costumes are good choices to create at the last minute as they can be put together from things you may have on hand or just a few simple items you purchase.

Red Riding Hood

The instant someone sees a red hooded cape, there is no question who they have encountered. None other than red riding hood herself wears the bright red hooded cape. Purchase a length of scarlet fabric, use an old red drape or table cloth and you have an instant cape. Attach two lengths of red ribbon or cord for hood ties and carry a basket and the character is born. A dress or skirt outfit underneath suits this costume best but since the hood is the identifying element, this part of the costume is adjustable.

The Knight

Everyone wants a knight in shining armour to save the day, and recognises this famous character from many a fairy tale. Sword and shield in hand, the knight can save the day with a simple costume and some homemade accessories. Grey clothing will serve as a suit of armour, a dark grey sweat suit works best. Create a sword and shield from cardboard --- just paint it silver or cover in aluminium foil. A knight's helmet can be made from a plastic milk carton by cutting away the top and one side, making a helmet shape, then painting grey.


A woodland fairy, a fairy princess or a pretty fairy require just a few simple costume pieces. The most recognisable items are the wings and wand, which are readily available at any craft store or even year round at larger toy stores in the dress up aisle. Create these items yourself if purchasing them isn't an option. Add some leaves and twigs and use autumn colours for the woodland fairy. A fairy princess needs a crown, and a pretty fairy is full of sparkle. A leotard with a tutu or tulle skirt adds to the fairy effect, but use your imagination for creating a variety of fairy ideas.

Boy Blue and Bo Peep

Dress a boy in blue knickers or shorts, a blue jacket and hat, white knee socks and black shoes. Add a gold horn and Boy Blue is born. Bo Peep takes a bit more work --- a ruffled dress with a petticoat creates dramatic flair, but a simple dress will also work if the other elements are in place. Add a bonnet, a stuffed sheep and a shepherd's crook. Make the crook yourself with a wood pole and a painted paper mache top if you can't find one at a costume shop.

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