Things to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Wife

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Whether you write a letter, blessing, quote or poem inside of a birthday card, your wife will appreciate the effort you have made at personalisation rather than just signing the card. A personalised message inside of any handmade or store-bought birthday card is one your wife will cherish.

Expression of Love

Open up your heart and write about how your wife and being married to her makes you feel. Use deep-meaning words such as adore, cherish, beloved and precious for a more emotional and intense effect. She already knows you love her so you want your written message to tell her just how much and how her love affects you. You want her to feel the emotions you feel through your words. If you have trouble thinking of the right words to say, see the Romance Stuck or Loving You websites for samples.

Thank You

We often don't take advantage of the chances we have to tell our wives just how much we appreciate them each day. Take the time to write a heartfelt, romantic message to your wife telling her just how thankful you are for all the little things she does for you each day. Be specific with the things you mention so that she will know for sure what matters most to you. For example, if she stays up late every night to greet you at the door when you get home late, let her know how refreshing it is to come home from a long day and see her smiling face.

Blessings, Wishes and Quotes

Personalise a blessing for your wife for her coming year of life. Blessings should include a wish for an upcoming promotion, new job, healthy baby or other desires to be fulfilled. One example would be to tell your wife you hope this year brings all the happiness and joy of the senior partner position that she has worked so hard to earn. Quotes are also an option to write in the card and could add a little humour to bring a smile to your wife's face. Quotes such as Robert Frost's "Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty" is a touching sentiment.

Sentiments of Her Beauty

Write a tender sentiment to your wife letting her know just how much her beauty, inside and out, has increased as she's matured in becoming her present age. Flatter her with a heartfelt declaration of the emotions you feel when your eyes partake of her lovely face. Acknowledge the pride you feel when she shares the beauty in her heart with others through volunteering, making donations or sharing stories of her life with those in need. As with quotations, thank you messages and expressions of love, the sentiment should be personalised to the feelings you have.


Whether humour-based, romantic or naughty, many women love to have poetry written for them. You can write a short poem using the letters of her name with each one providing a new word to describe her or you can write a rhyming poem with a few verses to tell her how much you love her. Another idea is to mimic popular poetry such as Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." then you can list ways you love your wife just as the poet did. Alternately, if you are unable to write your own poem your wife will be just as impressed if you copy a poem that conveys your feelings. However, give the proper credit to the author.

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