10-year-old girl's birthday party ideas

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When your daughter turns 10, she's now entering the tween years. As a tween, she's no longer a little kid and she's not yet a teenager -- she's in between. The good news is the tween years offer several options for birthday party ideas. With a wide variety of interests, tween girls enjoy many different party themes.

Physically Active Parties

Ten-year-old girls haves tons of energy. That's why a birthday party that allows them to be physically active is a suitable idea. Host the party at a local roller or ice skating rink and pay for everyone's admission and skate rental. Bring in your own cake and choose a couple of corner tables where you can place the gifts and serve pizza or hot dogs and drinks. If your daughter has a summer birthday, host a swimming party. Bring plenty of sunscreen for those who forget theirs, and serve the cake under a shade tree or nearby picnic shelter.

Hands-On Parties

When you don't want to do something quite as active as a skating or swimming party, but you'd still like to keep the girls busy and occupied, consider a party centred on an activity. Ten-year-old girls typically love all the little gadgets and doodads associated with scrapbooking, so why not throw a scrapbooking birthday party? Have the girls each make a page for their own scrapbooks and a page for the birthday girl. She'll love filling her special birthday book with a uniquely decorated page from each of her friends. Cooking parties are another option. Choose pre-made pizza crusts and tons of ingredients and let the girls go wild creating the pizzas of their dreams. Stock up on crispy rice cereal and marshmallows and let them make marshmallow treats for dessert.

Theme Parties

Theme parties transport the girls from their everyday lives and lend a touch of excitement. Hold a Hawaiian luau birthday party in the backyard. Provide leis, grass skirts, fruity coconut drinks and lots of food for the hungry guests. Choose a 70s party for kids who want to take a trip back in time. Play music from the era, decorate your home in a psychedelic fashion and, if you're feeling especially brave, help the girls tie dye their own T-shirts in the backyard.

Slumber Parties

When you want the fun to last longer than a couple of hours, host a sleepover for your daughter's tenth birthday. Tweens love the prospect of staying up, chatting with their friends and giggling over boys. Supply the girls with a place where they can make as much noise as they'd like, plenty of food they can prepare easily and access to music, television and several recently released DVDs.