The perfect colour match for lilac

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The colour lilac is typically a light violet with hints of grey. This soothing, feminine colour works well in bathrooms, bedrooms and some living rooms. If you've painted a room in lilac or are looking for a paint colour to match your lilac accessories, you have many options.

The "perfect" colour to match lilac could really be any of several colours -- so the perfect choice for your home is whichever one you like best that complements the tone in lilac.


Lilac already has a certain grey cast to it, so the steely appearance of grey or silver matches well with lilac. One of the issues with lilac is that the feminine quality of the colour makes it less appropriate for public rooms in a house -- like a living room or dining room. However, grey also works well to neutralise the feminine quality of lilac, so this colour combination can work well in about any room of the house.


This colour combination is perfect for a little girl's bedroom. This delicate colour palette helps open up a room, pushing the walls into the background and giving a feeling of light airiness. This is the perfect scheme for a small bedroom. To prevent the colour scheme from becoming boring, add shades of khaki and beige to give depth. Consider painting three walls of the room in cream, and an accent wall in khaki. Look for a lilac bedspread, lilac curtains and lilac furnishings.


Indigo is a combination of purple and blue that looks much like a darker version of lilac. When used together in a room, this kind of colour scheme is known as "monochromatic," meaning that it only involves one colour, in darker and lighter values. This colour scheme, while elegant, can seem overwhelmingly purple. Thus, this palette really only works well in specific circumstances, like the bedroom of an adult or teenager who loves purple.

Consider painting three walls lilac and one accent wall indigo. Look for an indigo bedspread, paint the nightstand indigo with lilac trim, and put paintings on the walls that use an indigo and lilac heavy colour scheme. If you'd like to escape or downplay the singular quality of an indigo and lilac colour scheme, add shades of violet-red and reddish-pink to the room. These colours are naturally associated with lilac flowers because some lilacs are red and pink.


Like grey, brown neutralises lilac and makes a room more masculine. In a predominantly chocolate brown room, shades of lilac and cream make the room lighter and airy, while avoiding purple overkill. With brown walls, brown furnishings and lilac and cream accessories like lamps and vases of flowers, this colour scheme works well in a living room. Keep the colours simple and patterns to a minimum for an ultra-sophisticated, modern look.