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Roasting pan alternatives

Updated April 17, 2017

A roasting pan is a heavy pan, usually with a removable wire rack. It's main use is to roast meats or poultry. Roasting pan sizes vary; these pans are designed to hold everything from small vegetables or a small chicken to a 9.07kg. turkey. A roasting pan is useful because it allows the cook to keep the meat separate from any vegetables that might be roasting. This type of pan allows you to collect the drippings, which later serve as the liquid for a gravy.

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Heat-safe Glass Baking Pan

A heat-safe glass baking pan can be used instead of a roasting pan. Pyrex carries several lines of these heat-safe glass baking pans. They have a rim and handles, and are safely used in the oven at high temperatures. A glass baking pan is a strong alternative to a roasting pan because it conducts heat evenly, but does not retain the heat for very long. Glass baking pans come in a variety of sizes. Find one that best fits the size of item you are looking to roast. Vegetables or other items that will be with the roast can be arranged around the roast in the same pan. You can purchase a roasting rack to use with your glass baking pan if you wish to keep your meat and drippings separate. Make sure to measure your pan and rack before purchasing to make sure it will fit what you're about -- or are accustomed -- to roast.

Ceramic Casserole

A ceramic casserole dish comes in many different sizes, and is designed to be ovenproof. A glazed ceramic dish will prevent the dish from absorbing and retaining any of the juices that develop during roasting. A ceramic baking dish retains heat, so the food will continue cooking for longer after it has been removed from the oven. You can purchase a roasting rack to use with your ceramic baking dish if you wish to keep your meat and drippings separate. Make sure to measure your pan and rack before purchase to make sure your roast and vegetable will properly fit.

Aluminium Roasting Tray

Aluminium roasting trays are generally inexpensive and can be purchased at grocery stores. They are designed for single use and are usually disposed of after one roast. This is an effective choice if you're looking to minimise clean-up. Aluminium roasting trays come in a range of sizes. They are easily heated and are oven-safe. However, because the trays are so thin, heat is not retained for long, and the tray will not heat as evenly as other types of roasting pan alternatives. If you wish to keep your meat and drippings separate, purchase a roasting rack to use with your aluminium tray. Make sure to measure your pan and rack beforehand to make sure they fit.

Broiling Tray

A broiling tray is the closest substitute there is for a roasting tray; however may not be the best solution if you plan to cook the vegetable alongside the roast. This type of tray is usually not rimmed and is made up of two parts: a slotted top rack and a metal drip tray. A broiling tray will allow you to keep the roast separate from the drippings. It will be difficult to cook any vegetables or other products alongside the roast, as there is not much space between the slotted rack and the drip tray.

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