Ideas to decorate champagne bottles

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Champagne is often used to celebrate a special occasion or given as a gift. Whether the champagne is for an event such as a wedding anniversary or for a birthday present, decorating the champagne bottle adds a touch of fun and whimsy and will help make the occasion memorable.

Ribbons and Bows

Tying on a colourful ribbon is quick and easy when you're giving the champagne as a gift. Tie a pretty ribbon around the bottle, letting the ends cascade. Make a multi-looped bow and attach it over the knot.

Engraved Bottle

Getting the bottle engraved gives it a personal touch. Write a message like "Happy birthday" or "Happy anniversary" with the name of the recipient. If the champagne is for a wedding, have the names of the bride and groom and the date engraved.

Personalised Labels

For weddings or special occasions where several champagne bottles need a decoration, get personalised adhesive labels made for the bottles. Add a bright red label with a message like "Happy New Year," for example, or use the bridal couple's names and wedding colours. Some such labels wrap around the bottle; others stick to the side.

Tuxedo Bottle

Dress up the champagne bottle in a little "tuxedo" for a whimsical, humorous touch. You can make the tuxedo yourself. Use black felt for the jacket, a triangle of white felt for the shirt and a tiny bow for a bow tie. Glue the "shirt" to the bottle. Cut the black felt into a rectangle and wrap it around the bottle. Fold down the corners to make a collar. Glue the "jacket" closed. Glue on three gold sequins for buttons, and then add the bow.