The Best Jobs for Former Teachers

Retired teachers or those seeking a new career have a number options that may be well suited for their skill set. Teachers are usually quite adept at organisation, communication, public speaker, problem-solving and decision-making, so they will be best off to investigate job opportunities that value those skills.


Tutoring is one of the best jobs to channel your teaching skills. You can offer services in your neighbourhood or online. There are a number of online tutoring websites in need of talented and experienced teachers, and English, mathematics and science are the subject areas that are most often in demand. Since tutoring typically occurs after school hours, you may only be able to work on a part-time basis.

Writing and Editing Jobs

Teachers have knowledge about different subjects and continuously research online or print resources for up-to-date information to give the most current and valid information to their students, and these skills may help them succeed in writing jobs. You can work as a textbook writer or editor for schools or online education portals, or write or edit articles for newspapers, magazines, websites and other online publications, and companies.

Public Relations Jobs

Public relation jobs require communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as research and writing capabilities. Creativity, the ability to understand human psychology and a desire to motivate others - skills inherent to the teaching profession - are also essential. Maintaining contacts; responding to inquiries; and preparing, researching and writing materials for distribution are some basic responsibilities of a PR job, while advanced PR pros will also design and conduct programs to enhance a company's brand.


A teacher's natural enthusiasm for reading, learning and researching are primary criteria for a librarian position, which also requires having computer and organizational skills. Many schools require librarians to hold a teaching certificate. You can also choose to be a librarian in a specific subject, such as art. Librarians are required in government, school and public libraries, corporate office libraries and other places that require users to have easy information access.