Presentation Ideas for Kids

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Presentations, rather than traditional written reports, can assist all students in learning content more successfully. Student presenters generally stay more engaged about their subject when providing others with information. Other students have the chance to experience the learning through peer presentations.

You can also use the presentations to meet the oral communications curriculum requirement that many states and districts mandate.

Writing and Reading

Have students present their knowledge about an author or piece of literature in costume. After studying a particular author, have students dress up as the author and give a presentation to the class about the author's life and works. Provide a presentation area at the front of the room that is set up to look like a book store or library with an author's chair. Another literary presentation idea, after reading a book, is to have the student dress up as a character from the book and retell the story from that character's point of view. For added interest, have another student that read the same book dress up as a different character and present the story from his point of view.

History and Social Studies

Have students present an interview, dramatic reading or storytelling to the class as a way to report on a famous person or event in history after researching to learn about the event. To report on the event, have one student act as a news reporter and ask the student portraying the historical figure questions about his role in a historical event. Alternatively, assign students to write a historically accurate journal accounting of an event in the voice of someone who witnessed it. Have the student dress up in clothing of the era and read the journal entry to the class. If you have multiple students reporting on the same event, have them dress up in appropriate clothing and act out or tell their points of view about the event. Ask students portraying historical figures on opposing sides of an issue to hold a mock debate as a presentation to the class.


After studying a significant development, discovery or invention in science, such as space travel or electricity, have groups of students write an informative skit based on historical information about the event. Students should include as many accurate facts as possible in the presentation as they act out their interpretation of the moment of the scientist's discovery, invention or exploration.

Songs, Poetry, Art

Have creative students utilise their talents when presenting on any subject by working in their preferred media and area of strength. A book report can be presented as a rap, song or poem. Artistic students might present information about a historical event in the form of a mural, collage or three-dimensional sculpture. Require that students portray the historical importance of the event and the key people involved in the event when putting together their creative presentations.