Traditional Gifts for the 4th Anniversary

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Four years of wedded bliss is certainly worthy of celebration. To make your present to your anniversary celebrant even more meaningful, select one that follows tradition. Unlike many anniversary years with only one traditional gift, this anniversary is associated with three: flowers, fruit and books, giving you a plethora of options from which to select when seeking the perfect gift.


Give your flower-loving recipient a floral gift for this anniversary, but think outside the box when doing so. While you could certainly delight her with a simple bouquet, giving her a floral present that is a little different will likely prove even more appreciated. For example, buy floral jewellery. Seek a jewellery piece that features a flower craft of gemstones or metal. Buy just one piece, or a whole set of jewellery, each containing the same floral accent.

To encourage togetherness, purchase the supplies necessary to set up a flower garden, including seeds or seedlings. If the weather is appropriate, get your hands dirty together turning a plot of dirt into a flower-rich garden on your anniversary day.


Fruit is another gift traditionally associated with the fourth anniversary. Instead of buying your recipient just one collection of fruit, enrol him in a fruit-of-the-month club, allowing him to receive a tasty selection of succulent fruits each month. This gift is particularly appropriate if your spouse is a big fan of healthy eating.

For a fruit-themed present that isn't edible, select a decor gift that fits this theme. Buy him a fruit-themed decoration in recognition of this anniversary. Purchase some artificial fruit to decorate the dining table or buy a painting or picture that prominently features fruit.


Books are the third traditional gift associated with the fourth anniversary. Make your book gift a romantic one by buying the recipient a book containing love quotations. Highlight some of the quotations or select the one that you think is most applicable to your recipient and write it in the cover of the book.

Select an outside-the-box option that still fits with tradition by planning a book-themed trip. If your anniversary celebrant has a favourite novel, plan a trip to the place in which this novel is set. For example, if she is a fan of "Pride and Prejudice," plan a trip to England's lake country, or arrange a tour of the house that was used as Darcy's Pemberly in the BBC miniseries.

If your gift recipient is a big reader, you may also find success buying her a book-related item instead of a book itself. Buy her a book light so she can enjoy her favourite reading material after you have dozed off to sleep or a set of personalised book plates so she can label her books before loaning them out.


If none of these traditional options seem to fit the bill, the modern gift idea for the fourth anniversary is an electrical appliance. Although this option may not seem romantic, a time-saving gift could be the perfect present.

For example, if your recipient is constantly complaining about the quality of her current dishwasher, buying her a new one might be the best thing you can do for this anniversary.

If you want to buy a contemporary present, but still make a nod to the traditional options, tie a ribbon around the gift and attach some flowers to mix traditional and modern and make the gift a bit more romantic.

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