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Crystal Maze Games

Updated April 17, 2017

A number of games have been developed around the theme of the crystal maze. Some of these games are based on "The Crystal Maze," a 1990s British TV game show that challenged teams of players to complete tasks to win prizes. Other games simply involve crystal mazes. Whatever their origin, these are games which revolve skill, dexterity and problem solving.

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Crystal Maze Puzzle

This online game plays through a user's Web browser and is available for free. The player must use the mouse to tilt the maze on-screen to direct the ball as it rolls through the crystal maze. By tilting in the correct direction, the player can guide the ball past the maze's dead ends and into the light, which represents the end of the level. This game is suitable for those 7 and older.

Crystal Maze PC Game

This video game for the computer was designed by the Sherston Software company and released in 1993. The title draws heavily on the "Crystal Maze" show from the United Kingdom and places a player in the shoes of a team of contestants in the program who are out to win crystals to buy time inside the Crystal Dome, where they can receive prizes for doing well. The game takes place over several themed zones, such as the Aztec and Medieval zones, in which players encounter various mini-games. These include platform-based scenarios, tests of skill such as catching balls rolling down chutes and puzzles. Winning a mini-game earns the player a crystal, which comes in handy at the game's end as it grants him extra time in the Dome. This video game is best suited to players 12 or older.

Crystal Maze Board Game

The "Crystal Maze" series also inspired a board game produced near the beginning of the show's run, back in 1991. The game is intended for two to four players, age 8 and older, and finds participants moving their pieces around the game board and through each of the four themed zones, copied from the TV show. The game ships with a number of extra components that enable the challenges and puzzles players must complete to win crystals and succeed in the endgame, the Crystal Dome itself.


A number of companies that organise company and team building exercises have been inspired by the "Crystal Maze" show when it comes to the corporate events they run. One such organisation is the U.K.'s Event Us, which has developed a game called "Labyrinth." "Labyrinth" is designed for teams of five to seven adults and contains a series of challenges either indoors or outdoors. Each challenge is designed to promote teamwork by testing participants' problem solving skills, with time limits set to make things trickier.

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