Good things to get for your 14th birthday

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Celebrating your 14th birthday can represent a new chapter of independence. Your parents may allow you more freedom for birthday choices. You can move away from younger gifts, such as toys. Some of your birthday gifts can be purchased from department stores.

Other places for gifts include speciality stores and music shops.

Camera Phones

One gift you might want for your 14th birthday is a camera phone. Use your phone for taking pictures of friends. Some cameras have more photo storage than others. If your friends have a camera phone, you can send or receive their photos.Before taking your camera phone to school, check if your school has a no-phone policy.

Computer Games

If you spend time on your computer, choose games for your 14th birthday. Choose a combination of education and fun games. Some games can require two individuals, while other games can requirements. Check with your parents before ordering games online. Make sure you have age-appropriate games and do not incur any hidden charges.

Gold Jewelry

A piece of gold jewellery can represent elegance for teenagers. Teenage girls can enjoy earrings or a bracelet, while boys can use cuff links. Choose jewellery you will wear regularly. Check with family and friends for recommendations for jewellers. Understand the jewellery refund policy of the store. You can find jewellery at department stores, jewellery shops and online stores.


Headphones make a good birthday gift. Use a pair when you have loud neighbours or want more quiet. Before you purchase headphones, try on more than one pair. You want to make sure of comfort and soundproof capabilities. Check for the headphones' durability and limit replacement costs. Purchase headphones at music shops, department stores and electronics stores.

Music Store Gift Card

Some teenagers love having access to their musical selections. A music-store gift card allows you to purchase music collections, such as club music. Additional things to get include accessories such as headphones, music cases or music-theme books. Get more value from your music store gift card by waiting for sales.