String Art Projects to Buy

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Stun your guests by showing off the intricate patterns of string art you've made yourself. String art is art made with string wound around nails driven into a covered or painted board. This art form was originally created to help teach geometry to math students, but you don't have to be a mathematician to get amazing results. All you need is a pre-made kit.


The string art kits available through Janlynn produce a less sophisticated effect than some of the kits available through other sources, but they are perfect for beginners nervous about starting string art projects. These kits involve threading thick coloured string through pre-drilled holes in velvet-covered boards according to the set pattern. Although they are effective in teaching technique and concept, they are more suitable to hanging on the refrigerator than the living room wall.

Oriental Trading Company

You have to specifically search for string art kits on the Oriental Trading Company's website to find these gems, but they provide a step up from the beginning kits that involve threading through holes. These kits embrace the full string art process by incorporating straight pins into the project. They also allow for much more complicated designs. Depending on your imagination, they could become wall art for your home.

Sewing Up Math

Sewing Up Math offers a variety of string art kits each based on a different geometric shape. One of the nice things about this company is that they provide you with information about the appropriate starting age group for each kit. Some are appropriate for children as young as first grade while others are suited to older groups. Although the focus is mainly on the math principles, the resulting abstract designs can be interesting.

String Art Fun

Graduate to more complicated and artistic designs with the patterns offered through String Art Fun. This company, based in the UK, offers instant downloads of string art patterns and instructions, leaving you free to determine the quality, colour and texture of your board and any special features you may wish to include in your nails. You could, for example, create a string art image of a sailboat on a board already painted to illustrate an ocean scene and use white-tipped nails to complement the figure.

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