Decorating Ideas on How to Put a Bed in Front of the Window

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In many bedrooms, the bed is placed away from the window to make the most of the natural light and the view. When the layout of your room prevents putting the bed on a windowless wall, use the unconventional design to your advantage. By working with the window, you can create a striking, functional design.


For a bed in front of a window, you can use curtains to add a sense of drama and mimic a canopy. Choose long, sweeping curtains or heavy, dramatic drapes that will frame the window and the bed and provide a focal point for the room. Look for curtains that set the desired atmosphere: a sheer, draped valance for a romantic look, for example, or thick brocade drapes for a regal bedroom. For a child's room, you can use a curved curtain rod that juts out over the bed, allowing the curtains to be pulled right to the edges for a simulated headboard canopy. Select curtains that complement your bedding without being an exact duplicate of the material to add depth and create a continuous design.

No Headboard

When you want to place your bed in front of a window, a headboard can get in the way and block some of the light, particularly if the window has a low bottom edge. If this is the case in your bedroom, remove the headboard and allow the window to frame the top of the bed. Place the bed far enough from the window so your head will not hit the glass, but not so far as to create a visible awkward space. If you find that your pillows tend to fall off the back of the bed, install a low railing that will be hidden when the bed is made but will not impede the view out the window.


One of the challenges of placing a bed in front of a window is privacy and blocking the light. To solve both issues, use blinds that cover the window when the room is in use. Choose blinds that work with the colours of the curtains, bedding, and walls; you might use a natural wooden blind for a natural look, for example. When they are down, the blinds will block the light, create texture and depth in the room, and create the look of a wall.

Create a Pathway

For an unconventional room design, place your bed far enough in front of the window to create a walkway. Instead of a headboard, use a set of double-sided bookshelves that are a foot or two taller than the bed. The shelves will create extra storage and provide a visually striking headboard. By putting them between the bed and the window, you can section off the room and create a pathway to a door or a space for reading and relaxing; in a child's room, the area between the bed and window can be turned into a play space with toy storage on the shelves.

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