Adult pirate party ideas

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An adult pirate party will bring out the kid in your guests and ensure a memorable event. Include all essential information on the invitation so guests are not shocked when they arrive, or come without the proper costume and accessories. No matter if it is a birthday, Halloween or no occasion party, have fun with this theme.


Provide sufficient entertainment at your pirate party to keep things exciting the entire time. Play the soundtrack of your favourite pirate movie for dancing and/or karaoke. For guests who are a little less active, choose a movie room and have Pirates of the Caribbean playing for them to watch with popcorn and adult beverages or soda.


Entertain guests with games at your party. A treasure hunt, trivia game or a rousing hand of blackjack are in order. The treasure hunt should be set up around the house and involve all attendees. Give each team a treasure map of clues around the house, inside and out to make it more challenging. Include a costume contest with an adult twist with a separate category for the sexiest and most masculine costumes. The trivia game should mimic walking the plank. For each question answered wrong, a guest walks forward until they have reached the end of the "plank" and that person is out. Purchase toy gold coins for use in the blackjack game that can be referred to as the pirates' treasure.


Serve finger foods such as a meat and cheese tray with crackers for your mates. Meat, cheese and crackers mix well with beer for the pirate brood. As keepsakes, provide gold coins, similar to those in the blackjack game or gold-wrapped chocolate coins for a take home gift. Pirates do love their jewels, so have some bead necklaces on hand for the wenches, as well.


The ocean is the limit when it comes to decorating for a pirate party. Stick with red and black as your theme colours and have skull and crossbones abundant in the main party area. Place a pirate ship cutout as the centrepiece and flags throughout the party area. If you have a boat, decorate it and set it out in front of the house in the lawn with a welcome sign for guests as they arrive.

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