Ideas for a Harry Potter Wedding

The "Harry Potter" series has a large readership that covers a wide age group; adults and children alike are fans of J.K. Rowling's best-selling books. If you are planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding, there are many elements of the stories and the world of Harry Potter that you can incorporate into your ceremony and reception. A Harry Potter-themed wedding can help create the feeling of magic on your special day.

Wedding Colors

If you prefer a subtle nod to your love of Harry Potter, you can choose colours from one of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For example, the red and gold colours of the House of Gryffindor are perfect for a fall wedding. Bridesmaids' dresses and sashes and the groomsmen's vests and ties could correspond with the colours. The tablecloths and napkins could also be coordinated with colours from the Hogwarts houses.


If you are writing your own vows, you can incorporate references to magic and the world of Harry Potter into them. For example, you could reference that you're under a love spell when you are with your partner. Being in love can be a magical experience; let your partner know how special and magical she or he makes your life.You could also recreate the wedding scene between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley with an outdoor ceremony held beneath an emblossomed archway, or by releasing butterflies and doves at its end. The officiator at the wedding could also hold a wand and replicate the binding of the hands traditional in wizarding weddings.


Alert your guests to your wedding's special theme with wedding invitations and save-the-date cards decorated with Harry Potter imagery. For example, have the invitations custom-made to include character images from the story. Since the "Owl Post" is how letters and packages are delivered in the wizarding world, have owl images printed on the invitations or envelopes. The template of the invitation could resemble scrolls of parchment, since these are what Hogwarts students write upon.


Incorporate wizarding elements into your reception to cap off a magical night. Ask your DJ to play magic-themed songs such as "I Put a Spell on You" and "You Can Do Magic." Serve wizarding food and beverages to bring the world of Harry Potter to life at your wedding reception. Butter beer and pumpkin juice are two popular beverages served at wizarding functions. You can serve pumpkin pasties and treacle tarts as dessert options, as these are popular refreshments enjoyed on the Hogwarts Express. As favours, give your guests Berty Bott's Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs.

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