Games to Play at a Wine & Cheese Party

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If you're in the mood for elegance and fun with friends, a wine-and-cheese party is a sure way to become a popular host while enjoying food and drinks. Hosting a wine-and-cheese party sounds self-explanatory in terms of a shopping list, but games are always fun for party guests as well.

Cork Chance

Prior to your party, start collecting wine corks. Using a red permanent marker, colour a select few corks on the flat end. Mix the corks into a decorative wicker basket. When you are ready to play, ask your guests to look away or close their eyes while they pull one cork out. Players who end up with the red corks win a bottle of fine wine.

Say the Cheese

This game is ideal if your party is a gathering of only a handful of people. When you are preparing the cheese for the party trays, set a small piece of each kind of cheese on enough paper plates to ensure that each guest gets one of each. Blindfold players, one at a time, and watch carefully what piece of cheese they pick up. When they taste the cheese, they have to name what it is. Write down 1 point for each correct guess. Move to the next player to do the same, and so on. When all players have had their turn, give a prize to the guest with the most points. An ideal prize for this game would be a cheese basket.

Conversation Bowl

Depending on how large or small your party is, create several teams of two to three players. Pick one team to go first, set a timer to five minutes, and announce a topic. Start the timer, and the team must talk with each other, nonstop, about that topic for five minutes. After all teams have taken turns, all guests vote by paper ballot on what team they think had the best conversation. The winning team goes home with a small prize for each member.

Wine-and-Cheese Trivia

Gather little-known information about wine and cheese, and construct a quiz for party guests. Print out enough quizzes that so each guest can play. Distribute the quizzes during the party and allow a certain amount of time for however many questions you've included. Whoever answered the most questions correctly wins a prize.