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Solomon, the son of David, succeeded his father to become king of Israel. According to the Christian Bible and the Hebrew Song of Songs, Solomon began his rule as a just and righteous king; he feared the Lord and prayed for the wisdom and love to do right by his people. God granted Solomon these gifts and Solomon went on to be a great ruler and built a grand temple to honour God. The wisdom of young King Solomon is often included in biblical anthologies for children.

King Solomon Puppets

Make a set of paper dolls or puppets with your class featuring David, young King Solomon and a crowd of Israelites. Draw the outline of the character on a stiff surface such as corrugated cardboard. Cut out the character, creating a divide at each of the limbs. For example, cut out the forearm and hand as a single piece. Punch a hole at each of the joints: the elbow, the shoulder, the waist, the knee. Insert a paper tack through the joints to make movable limbs. Dress the character with paint and fabric scraps. Use the puppets to act out the story of King Solomon for a different Bible study group or the congregation at large.

Colouring Pages

Print or photocopy colouring pages featuring King Solomon and his temple. You may make your own line drawings for custom colouring pages; just photocopy the image and save a few copies for future use. To combine this simple activity with a more vigorous craft, have students melt broken crayons to make new colouring tools. Help students pour wax into a moulds such as metal cookie cutter or silicone baking pan. Consider making shapes that fit with the story such as a crown.

Big Book

Make an oversized book with your class that contains your favourite Bible stories. Use 2-foot by 3-foot oak tag sheets as pages. Punch four to six holes in the left side of the pages, then string them together with ribbon or satin rope. Have students work collaboratively to draw and colour the pages. Older students may determine the text. Books may be used to read to the next year's student group and then given away as a prize at church events.

My Role Model And Me

A large part of Solomon's story is based in his relationship with his father. He learnt to be a good Christian by observing the selflessness and piety of King David. Have children use this story as a prompt for discussing the role models in their lives. They may draw or use clay to represent their role models. Share completed crafts with the group, allowing each student to talk about what their role model has taught them.

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