Gift ideas for a girlfriend at age 24

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Whether your relationship is old or new, getting your 24-year- old girlfriend the right gift is important. After all, you must care about her a lot and want to get her something special. You should always take her personal preferences and interests into consideration when deciding on a gift.

Custom MP3 Player

Find a MP3 player like an iPod or Zune that will thrill your girlfriend and fit her needs. Pick the player in her favourite colour or a design that matches her personality. Unpack the player carefully so as to not damage the wrapping. Load the player with romantic music, songs that carry memories and songs she will just love. Write out the songs on a piece of paper, say why you picked them and tape the paper to the back of the player. Rewrap the player in its packaging and wrap in giftwrap. Bring a set of speakers when she opens it so you both can enjoy the music.

Clothing or Undergarments

Clothing and undergarments can be a fun gesture and even practical for everyday use. Think about what your girlfriend likes to wear, her favourite brands, colours and styles. Before going shopping for the gift, take the time to find out the size your girlfriend wears. Look at her clothing when she's not looking, or sneak a peek as you give a big hug. When at the shop, talk to the employees. Tell them about your girlfriend, what she likes and her size. Most employees will be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction. As always, keep all receipts and make sure whatever you get can be returned.


Find a game that is simple and can be played by two. Try finding something more than a card game. Look for something fun, silly or even sexy. Open the game carefully, and remove the instructions. Learn the game inside and out so you can teach your girlfriend quickly. Wrap the game up and present it along with wine or cider and a few simple snacks. Once she opens the game, tell her you will teach her and play the game as many times as you can for the rest of the night.


You just can't go wrong with something homemade and from the heart. Anything can be homemade, from hand-dipped chocolate strawberries to paintings and beaded necklaces. Think about your girlfriend and what she likes and dislikes. If she's in love with candy, think about making a tin full of chocolate treats. If she can't live without dangling earrings, make some with beads. Kits and books for all types of crafts and DIY projects can be found in all skill levels. Investing in one can be a source for gift ideas for years to come.