What fun things can teenagers do over the summer?

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Most teenagers are thrilled when summer holidays begin. Nevertheless, this excitement often fades as boredom sets in. Without classes or homework, many teens simply don't know what to do with all their free time. If you're a teenager looking for fun things to do this summer, consider exploring new hobbies or pursuing something you have always wanted to do but never got around to finding the time.

Go Camping

Camping is a great summer activity for older teenagers. Not only can it be done for little to no money, but it allows you to spend quality time with your friends, gain a little independence and engage in physical activity. Examples of what to do while camping include swimming, fishing, hiking, playing cards, star gazing and singing around a camp fire. If you are too young to go camping in the wilderness, you can always camp in your backyard. There are many benefits to this, including the use of an actual bathroom.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

If you live in a big city, you probably see tourists regularly, taking pictures of various landmarks, marvelling at the sights and travelling around in tour buses. Try stepping into their shoes by booking a full day tour of your own city. Listen to how your tour guide describes the city, visit tourist attractions and watch the other tourists as they take in the sights and sounds. You might just develop a new found love and sense of pride for where you live.

Plan an Elementary School Reunion

If you've lost touch with your group of friends from elementary school, consider planning a reunion. You could throw a party in your backyard or decide on a public place to meet, such as a restaurant or coffee shop. If you no longer have the phone numbers of your old friends, try searching for them on social networking websites. If you haven't lost touch with your group of elementary school friends, consider other people from your past that you no longer talk to, such as your old classmates from a dance class, your roommates from summer camp or your co-workers from a past job.

Take a Class

There are many types of classes you can take while on summer break, such as swimming, art, cooking, dancing, martial arts, yoga, aerobics and sewing. Classes such as these are a great way to get in an hour or so of cardio, meet new people and/or discover your hidden talents and true passions. Alternatively, you could join a book club or a group focused on social or environmental causes.

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