Small Tattoos With Initials

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Small initial tattoos are common among people aged 18 and older. Many people enjoy tattoos more when they have a specific meaning or idea behind them. People of most ages enjoy this style as the initials often represent someone special.

Due to their size, small initial tattoos are also easily covered up or removed if you change your mind about the tattoo in the future.


Small tattoos, such as those that contain initials, are often chosen to commemorate someone who made an impact on your life. Generally this type of tattoo is put on an area of your body that you see often, such as the wrist. Some people use tattoos to show respect for someone they may have never met but idolise, such as rock stars.


Many people get an initial tattoo that represents their partner. This is generally a sign of love and respect. As tattoos are thought to be permanent, though they can be removed for a price and pain, they are an ultimate declaration of love as they don't vanish overnight. Sometimes couples get tattoos of each other's initials for anniversaries or to declare their love.


While small initial tattoos are permanent, they are easily hidden by jewellery or clothing. People concerned with hiding their tattoos during work and other formal activities can get tattoos in places easily covered, such as the back or the chest. The upper leg or the midsection are both places that are most often covered. These also are ideal places to get a small initial tattoo that you may not want to be seen by everyone.


When people want to display their small initial tattoos at all times, they place them in commonly seen areas such as the knuckles or wrist. Some people opt for getting initials on their finger tips or neck. Couples sometimes get their partner's initials placed in the same location on their respective bodies.