What Is the Difference Between Ibanez AS73 & AM73 Guitars?

guitar image by Bosko Martinovic from Fotolia.com

Ibanez-made guitars are popular with both beginning guitarists and experts players. Ibanez manufactures many different models of both acoustic and electric guitars. The AS73 and the AM73 are two very similar models but do have a few differences that distinguish them from each other.

Neck Pickups

Though only slightly different, the AS73 uses an ACH1 model pickup in the neck while the AM73 uses the ACH1-S for the neck pickup. The difference is primarily that the ACH1 pickup is made to produce a more acoustic sound while the ACH1-S produces a more electric-sounding tone.


When choosing an Ibanez AM73, you can only choose the black finish. The AS73 comes in three finishes, including ivory, brown sunburst and cherry.


Another way to tell the difference between these two models is to listen to them being played unplugged. The AS73 is a semi-acoustic guitar, which means it can be played as a non-electric guitar. Unplugged, the AS73 will sound similar to a traditional acoustic guitar, while playing the AM73 unplugged produces a sound most guitarists find thin and with little acoustic tonalities.


The AS73 has a higher retail price than the AM73 because the AS73 has the higher end, more expensive neck pickup installed.

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