The best brushes for Cockapoos

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A Cockapoo is a crossbred designer dog. One parent is a cocker spaniel and the other is a poodle. Both breeds are known for their luxurious thick coats and the Cockapoo inherits a cross between the curls of the poodle and straighter coat of the Cocker Spaniel. To keep the Cockapoo's coat in good condition, it is necessary to use the appropriate brushes.

Slicker brush

A slicker brush is made up of several metal pins with rounded ends protruding from a soft pad made of rubber or foam. They are available in many different sizes and shape heads including square, round and rectangle. This type of brush is designed to remove dead, loose hairs, brush out a matted coat and stimulate the skin.

Bristle brush

Bristle brushes are made from natural materials and tend to be more expensive but many Cockapoo owners believe the investment is worth it. This type if brush works to distribute natural oils for a soft, shiny coat while removing dirt and debris. A bristle brush is best for everyday maintenance and may be too soft to untangle matted hair.

Curry brush

Curry brushes come in many different styles and are ideal for long haired dogs such as Cockapoos. The brush is made from rubber or rubberised material which is highly flexible, allowing the brush to bend with the dog's body. The rubber pins of the brush will wear down over time. A metal alternative is available from pet shops but they have to be used with extra care ensuring that only gentle pressure is applied.

Flea comb

Some brushes come with a flea comb attached or you can buy one separately. suggests checking for ticks and fleas when brushing your Cockapoo's coat. You may not be able to see any parasites lurking there, but more probably will see its dirt, which appears as tiny dark specks in the coat. A fine toothed flea comb can be used after brushing to remove these intruders.

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