Unnoticeable places to get tattoos

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We are probably the most tattooed generation ever. They are no longer just for prisoners and sailors, and chances are, if you’re between the ages of 18 and 30 you’ve got one. They aren’t, legally, meant to stop you from getting a job, but the guy without the spider web tattoo on his face will probably get the junior solicitor job over you if you have one. If you really want to preserve the memory of something special with a tattoo, consider getting it in a less conspicuous place.

Upper arms

Forearms are out of the question if you’re trying to make your tattoo unnoticeable, but the upper arms and shoulders may be the place for you. Take a look at where the sleeves of your t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts finish and go above this line. If you frequently have your top off, or wear vests in public, consider somewhere else.

Upper legs

Male legs are covered most of the time in the UK, but both sexes may be able to get away with a tattoo on the upper parts of the legs. Thighs aren’t massively popular places to get tattoos, but consider it if you’re keen to get a big one that people won’t see all the time.


This is the best bet for those who really want to hide their tattoo, although the front part of your pelvis may not be the most pain-free area to get one done. You have to ask yourself how often people see these parts of your body and whether, when they do, you care if they also see a tattoo. These areas are usually reserved for more romantic or sensual mementos, but these can also be the most regrettable.


The boniness of your feet will make a tattoo here quite painful, but it is a very inconspicuous place to have one. It is favoured mostly by women, but not exclusively. On the beach and in hot weather you can wear flip flops or go barefoot to show it off, but most of the year it will remain unnoticed under your wooly socks.


Not many people will see a tattoo on your back, but then neither will you. If you go for one on your lower back – unglamorously dubbed the “tramp stamp” in women – you may show it depending on how high your trousers come up and how low your top goes, but higher up it may be ok. Shoulder tattoos can be revealed with some sleeveless tops, so think about it carefully before positioning it.


Any tattoo within your hairline can be easily concealed with hair, but if you are male you may be gambling with your chances of going bald. A skull tattoo is a big step – both painful and quite a statement in itself. Chances are, if you want a tattoo on your head, you’re not that bothered about what people think.

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