How to Treat Itchy Face Skin That Feels Like Leather

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If your face is itchy, flaky, and rough, it could indicate that you have an underlying condition that effects the suppleness and hydration of your skin. Certain conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and hypothyroidism, can change the texture of the skin and can cause the skin to itch.

To effectively treat itchy skin that feels like leather to the touch, it is important to know what may be causing the change in your skin.

Change your skin care products. Some facial creams and gels contain skin-irritating substances that can cause topical irritation. The skin can be dry and rough with redness and itching. If you question whether you might have sensitivity to a skin cream or lotion, replace it with one designed for sensitive skin types, which will not contain irritating ingredients.

Wear sunscreen. If your skin has had overexposure to the sun, it can become red, dry, itchy and painful. If you suspect that a sunburn may be the cause of your skin issues, wear sunscreen daily to prevent your skin from becoming damaged further.

Have your thyroid levels checked. Sometimes thyroid levels can become too low, which can cause a thickening of the skin, and dryness and itching. Consult your doctor or naturopath to see if a thyroid screening may be right for you.

Check for psoriasis, which is a skin condition that causes skin cells to be overproduced. This results in thickened skin, itching, and dry-looking scaly patches. Check with a dermatologist to see if your skin problem could be psoriasis, which is treatable with prescription creams.

Avoid detergents. Some detergents contain very strong chemicals that can cause a rash on sensitive facial skin. Switching to a detergent that is fragrance-free can eliminate these allergy-induced rashes.

Give the skin on your face a deeply moisturising treatment. To treat leathery, itchy, dry skin, apply a layer of rose hip oil, and let it sit on your skin for 10 minutes. Rose hip oil is highly emollient, and can loosen, hydrate, and soften the skin. After 10 minutes, gently wipe off the oil with a damp washcloth. Reapply up to three times per day.