How to Fix a LAN Nickname Error in "Dungeon Siege II"

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"Dungeon Siege II," a computer based role-playing game, allows players to explore a virtual world and complete quests alone or with friends. When attempting to play with friends on a local network, however, many users experience an issue restricting them from entering a game due to their nickname being in use already.

It is possible to work around the bug and join your friends in a LAN game of "Dungeon Siege II."

Click "Start," then click on "Control Panel." Click "Network and Internet" and "Network and Sharing Center." Open the network connection settings by clicking "Manage Network Connections."

Right-click the listed network adaptor used for your Internet connection and click "Disable" to turn off the network connection. Keep this window open.

Open "Dungeon Siege II," then enter the multiplayer LAN lobby. No games will be found due to the network adaptor being turned off.

Press "Alt" + "Tab" to switch to the network settings window. Right-click the adaptor turned off in Step 2, then click "Enable."

Press "Alt" + "Tab" to switch back to "Dungeon Siege II." Click "Refresh" to search for LAN games, then select the game you want to enter.