Motorola HF850 Instructions

The HF850 Bluetooth Car Kit by Motorola mounts to your car to provide a permanent hands-free solution. The car kit includes a microphone and speaker and is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones. It connects automatically to your phone, once you've completed the steps for pairing.

Because the HF850 needs to be connected to your vehicle's fuse box and stereo system, it is wise to consult a professional to assist you with this process unless you have professional-level experience yourself.

Mount the junction box, barcode side out, under your dash. Use the screws provided in the kit.

Remove all fuses from the fuse kit and tape them to their correct holders. Wait to reinsert fuses until you complete and inspect all connections in the steps that follow

Connect the green ignition sense wire (3 amp fuse) to an ignition-switched location on the fuse block.

Connect the orange entertainment mute wire to your car's entertainment (car radio) system. Be aware that not all vehicles will support this function.

Connect your fuse kit's red primary lead to a 4 to 5 amp fuse point in your vehicle's fuse box.

Connect your fuse kit's black wire to the vehicle chassis. Inspect your connections and reinsert the fuses.

Plug the microphone in to the Bluetooth Junction box.

Find a location no more than 16 inches from the driver, where the microphone can point towards the driver with no obstructions.

Clip the microphone firmly into place, where it will not vibrate. Do not clip the microphone on the visor.

Mount the speaker either on your transmission hump or below your dash.

Point the speaker in a direction that does not directly face the microphone.

Connect the speaker to the Bluetooth Junction box.

Press the centre "Multi-Function" button (marked with the Motorola logo) if it is flashing. Release the button when the flashing stops.

Press and hold the "Multi-Function" button. Release the button when the "Multi-Function" button and the "Voice Dial" button, located on the bottom left side of the device, flash alternately. The HF850 is now in pairing mode.

Access your phone's "Bluetooth" option, usually located in the main menu or listed under "Settings." Select "Add Device" or "Search." Your phone will attempt to locate in range Bluetooth devices -- your phone should be within a few feet of the device for best results.

Select "Motorola HF850" from the phone's list of discovered devices. Enter "0000" when you are prompted to enter the pairing passkey. Press "OK."

Power your phone on and ensure your Bluetooth power is set to "On." Press the HF850's "Multi-Function" button for one second OR start your vehicle. Your phone and HF850 will connect automatically -- the "Multi-Function" button will remain lit when the connection is established.

Make a call by dialling the number from your mobile phone. You can also press the "Voice Dial" button, located on the left side of the device, to use the voice dialling function. To redial the last call, press the "Multi-Function" button for approximately three seconds.

Answer an incoming call by pressing the "Multi-Function" button. If you wish to ignore an incoming call, press the "Multi-Function" button for three seconds.

Mute the microphone during an active call by pressing the "Mute" button, located on the top left side of the device. To restore sound to the microphone, press the mute button again.

Press the "Volume Up" or "Volume Down" buttons on the right side of the device to adjust speaker volume.

Transfer an active call from the car kit to your phone by pressing the "Voice Dial" button for approximately three seconds. To transfer an active call from your phone to the car kit, press the "Multi-Function" button.

Press and hold the "Multi-Function" button for three seconds to put a call on hold to answer a second incoming call. Switch between calls by pressing the "Multi-Function" button again for three seconds. End a call that is on hold by pressing the "Voice Dial" button for one second.

Disconnect your phone from the car kit by turning off your vehicle or pressing the "Voice Dial" button for approximately three seconds.