How to Disable the Transponder Key on a Ford Ranger

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Transponder keys are designed to keep your car's ignition from being started by an unauthorised user. Inside the key is a chip that when put in the ignition responds to a signal from the car's ignition and emits a specialised 30-character alphanumeric code that allows the ignition to start. Sometimes this feature can become troublesome when you've had to replace a few transponder keys or want to install a remote starter. Bypassing a transponder key feature is possible with a bypass kit or by permanently fixing the transponder near the ignition.

Remove the plastic head from your transponder key. Using your hot glue gun, place a large dot of glue on the underneath of your steering column as close to the ignition as possible without it being visible from above.

Place the key's transponder head into the dot of glue and hold it until it is firm. This will enable you to start the car without a transponder being attached to the key, as the key will still answer the ignition's signal when it seeks out the alphanumeric pass code. You can now use a normal key made at a hardware shop instead of a transponder key that's been programmed by the dealership, resulting in considerable savings.

Buy a bypass kit for your car from your local auto parts dealer or online. These kits take a bit of electrical know-how and can be difficult for those not initiated to hard-wiring an electrical component. Follow the specific make and model directions for your car.

Call an automotive locksmith for an estimate on installing a bypass kit. Be sure the person is a reputable locksmith who is a member of a professional organisation. Automotive locksmiths know far more about your car's ignition than either the dealership or a general mechanic, and cost less.

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