How to make a cardboard deer head

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While taxidermy and the display of a hunted deer decorates many a wall, a more humane way to display animals is through the creation of a cardboard deer head. This 3D style head is not only a stylish and a different addition to everyday decor, but also simple and economical to create.

Making the head out of cardboard also allows for a variety of different finishes to be applied after its creation, from paper to paint.

Print out the deer templates. Cut them out using scissors and discard the excess paper from the outlines.

Place the printed pieces on the plain cardboard. Draw outlines around them using the pencil. Remove the printed pieces.

Set the cardboard on the cutting surface. Use the X-acto knife to cut out each shape, and discard the excess cardboard.

Place glue on the inside edges of the two slots in it - this is where it will attach to the rest of the head. Fit the nose piece at the beginning of the two neck pieces, in the designated slots, one on either side.

Hold the neck upright and insert one of the sides of the antler pieces, placing glue around its slot and firmly setting it on the neck. Repeat this with the other antler piece. However, place glue along the inside edge of the antler piece where it will rest against the other to create a secure bond between them. Insert it on the designated slot on the other side of the neck.

Line the two slots of the bottom neck piece, the large round one, with glue. Insert it on to the two pieces of the neck where the slots are, fitting it securely.

Create a small hole at the top of the large round piece that serves as the mounting board, using the large needle. Feed a small amount of crafting wire through it, but make it enough to hang it on a hook, and tie it at the top. Set it in place with pliers.

Line the two slots in the large mounting piece with glue. Insert the bottom of the neck into them. Allow the entire piece to dry for one to two hours, or according to the glue's instructions.

Spray the head with the desired colour of paint lightly to give it a finished look. Allow it to dry and add another coat if desired or hang it.