How to Protect Resin Outdoor Statues

Resin outdoor statues are decorative items used in gardens, yards and other outdoor spaces. The statues are made from epoxy plastic and come in a variety of different shapes and forms, including birdbaths, water fountains and stepping stones. Protecting resin outdoor statues requires just a few supplies.

Wipe the resin outdoor statue with a clean rag or shop towel to remove any loose dirt, dust and debris. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Fill a bucket with warm water.

Spray some all-purpose household cleaner onto the resin outdoor statue. Cover the entire statue with cleaner. Let the cleaner stand for about 4 to 5 minutes.

Start scrubbing the statue with a brush to remove caked-on dirt and debris.

Rinse the statue with a clean rag or shop towel by dipping the rag in the bucket and wiping the all-purpose cleaner off with the rag. Continue until the statue is free of any cleaner.

Let the resin statue air dry before moving or placing it in another environment.

Repeat steps for other resin outdoor statues you need to clean.

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