How to Care for a Potted Heather

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Heather is part of the Ericacea, or heath, family of plants. It has a cluster of purple flowers at the top of the flower stalks, but some varieties are available in white and pink. This plant is native to South Africa and is generally grown outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 or 10.

However, it can be brought inside and grown in a pot with proper care. The key is to never allow it to dry out. If the plant does die, allow it to dry out completely without touching it at all. The flowers will remain for several months, adding colour to your home.

Pot the heather in a well-draining soil that contains sand and peat moss.

Place the heather in a location where it gets plenty of sun but remains cool. This plant likes conditions above freezing -- because if the heather plant freezes, it will die. The hottest temperature heather tolerates is 23.9 degrees C.

Water the plant frequently, preferably daily, to keep it wet. Do not allow it to sit in water, but don't allow it to dry out. Heather that dries out will quickly die and cannot be saved.

Fertilise the heather with a commercially prepared plant food designed for acid-loving plants. Use the minimum amount of fertiliser recommended on the label while the plant is in its growing phase. Do not fertilise it while it's blooming.