How to Make SopCast Run Smoother

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

SopCast is video streaming software that is available to download for free on the Internet. The software allows you to watch channels that have various content on it, including international programming.

The quality of these video broadcasts can vary widely depending on the speed of the uploader, your Internet speed and a variety or other issues. If you are trying to use SopCast and it buffers too much or has long lags and pauses, there are a few things that you can do to make SopCast run smother.

Stop the SopCast software and restart it. Sometimes this is all it takes to get a smooth stream going again.

Uninstall the SopCast software, making sure to check to see that the software folder in your downloaded programs is completely deleted as well. Restart your computer, then re-download and install the newest version of SopCast. This may help resolve many errors if your player was not up to date.

Check your Internet connection. If your connection is slow, the SopCast broadcast will likely be slow as well. Restart your modem or router and try connecting again. If your connection is still lagging, call your service provider to see how they may be able to help you get your connection going faster again.

Copy the SopCast link you want to watch manually. Open SopCast and paste the link into the address bar. This helps prevent blank screen due to clicking on the link directly to open up SopCast, and will help it run better.

Open your firewall program and make sure that SopCast is allowed to access the Internet. Also change the settings in the firewall so that 3900-13900 ports for inbound connections are open.

Copy the link you want to watch and open up VLC player on your computer (install it if you don't already have it). Click "Open" on the VLC menu and click "Network Stream." Paste the link you copied into it and allow it to stream using VLC. VLC is a very stable player that may be able to stream SopCast links even when you are having problems with SopCast itself.