How to Setup Utorrent to Work With I2p

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I2P is a service meant to give its users anonymity over the Internet. Users install the software and then connect other applications to the online node which becomes undetectable. The bittorrent client uTorrent is available to connect to the software to provide anonymous downloading. However, as I2P is still in its beta stages and uTorrent has not been completely configured for use with I2P, anonymity is not always guaranteed.

Start the I2P software by right-clicking on the icon in the task bar and choosing "Start I2P (no window)."

Start uTorrent. If you already had uTorrent started, you must shut it down and start again from Step 1.

Click "Options" in uTorrent.

Click "Preferences."

Click "Connections."

Click the type "HTTP" under "Proxy Server."

Type "localhost" under "Proxy."

Type "4444" under "Port."

Check the box for "Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections."

Click "OK."

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