How to Make Shoe Stuffers

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Make a pair of shoe stuffers to keep the shape of your shoes while you're not wearing them. Add the scent of your choice to your homemade shoe stuffers to keep your shoes smelling fresh and pleasant. Shoe stuffers are small and simple, so you can sew them by hand if you don't have a sewing machine.

You can make the scent in your shoe stuffers last for a long time by following specific procedures.

Cut up rags into 20 1-inch square pieces and stuff them into a plastic sandwich bag. Spray the inside of the bag with your favourite perfume and seal the bag. Shake the bag to spread the perfume through the rags and let them soak for 8 hours.

Measure and cut a 2 1/2 by 3 inch rectangle on a piece of cardboard and draw an egg shape so that the edges align with the edges of the rectangle. Cut out the egg shape to make the template for the shoe stuffers.

Fold a piece of thin cotton or polyester fabric in half twice so that there are four panels on top of each other. Put a pin through the four panels of fabric. Put the egg shape on top of the pin and trace around the edges of the template lightly with a pen. Cut along the traced line through all four panels of fabric with the pin holding the panels together.

Remove the pin and separate the egg shaped pieces of fabric into two groups of two with the edges aligned and pin the two egg shapes together, right sides facing. With each set of two, sew the edges of the fabric together about 1/8 inch from the edge with a straight stitch and leave a 2-inch opening. Start and stop the line of stitches by backstitching to prevent the thread from unravelling and trim the thread to 1/4 inch. Turn each set of two pieces of fabric right-side-out so that the stitches are on the insides of the sachets.

Open the bag of scented rags and divide the rags in half. Stuff half of the rags into one of the sewn sachets and the other half into the other sachet. Fill the sachets the rest of the way with regular craft stuffing or unscented fabric pieces.

Fold the edges of the openings inward and sew them together. Secure the ends of the lines of stitches by backstitching five times in one spot. Trim the ends of the threads to 1/8 inch and your shoe stuffers are finished.