How to Repair a Mylar Balloon

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Mylar balloons convey many messages. "Happy Birthday," "Get Well," and "I love You" are a few standard wishes found on the balloons. Nearly any cartoon character can be featured on a Mylar balloon, and most children are delighted to receive a floating portrait of a favoured show or character. If a Mylar balloon rips or tears, there is a way to patch it. The repair won't last forever, and the helium will likely seep out of the tear, but the balloon can be patched for keepsake purposes.

Measure the length of the rip that needs to be repaired. Measure the width of the tear. Mylar tape comes in widths ranging from 1/2-inch to three inches.

Cut the necessary amount of tape from the dispenser. Cut out two extra pieces of tape the same length as the original strips. Hang the tape strips by one small top section on a table or other surface until needed.

Grasp the balloon with both hands. If the balloon has deflated more than 3/4 of the original size, lay it on a flat work surface. If the balloon is still mostly inflated, hold on your lap with one hand on the balloon.

Retrieve the tape strips. Attach the first piece of tape over the tear lengthwise. Add another piece of tape to the rip width-wise. Continue until the tear is covered by tape.

Reinforce the patch by adding two more pieces of tape; affix them to the balloon in an "X" pattern.

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