How to fill in tachograph charts

The tachograph, a machine commonly used in the United Kingdom, tracks the usage of commercial vehicles. When any worker uses a commercial vehicle, he is required to enter information that tracks when he started and where the odometer was at.

After his shift, he has to record how many kilometres he travelled and in what time frame. A worker must usually produce the last two weeks worth of reports when asked by the company or a government official. Vehicles registered before May 2006 use an analogue tachograph while vehicles registered after May 2006 use a digital tachograph.

Record your name, last then first, at the beginning of the day on an analogue tachograph chart. Write down the place that you started work, the current date, the current odometer reading and the registration number of the vehicle. Write all of this at the beginning of the day, before beginning work.

Fill in the place you finished work, the odometer reading and the finish date, usually the same day, on the appropriate lines of an analogue tachograph chart. Subtract the beginning odometer number from the ending odometer number. Write this on the "Total kms" line to show the distance you've travelled that day.

Turn on the ignition to enter information into a digital tachograph chart. Insert your driver card into the first slot. Follow the directions on the display. Enter any activities (break, other work) that you have performed since the last time you inserted your card, if any. Select "NO," then "OK" if you do not need to enter any other activities.

Choose your country and press "OK." Your card pictogram appears on the screen when the digital tachograph machine is done reading your card. You are successfully logged on. If there is a second person in the vehicle they can put their card in the second slot and enter their information.

Log off a digital tachograph chart by pressing the card eject button. Choose the counter in which you ended your shift and press "OK." Print out a paper summarising the day's activities, if required. Otherwise your card will be returned to you.